Friday, 31 October 2014


Diwali is one precious festival of light, known as Deepavali signifies the triumph of light(good) over darkness(evil). Sweetmeats are distributed and prayers are offered on that day. It is a 5 day  festival and kind of ritualistic things. 

Sunday, 19 October 2014

Fruit & Nuts Yogurt Parfait

So my day starts with a big yawn and then I'll hurry up to the kitchen and feel all the sunlight from the window while thinking of breakfast ideas and then comes the 'Yogurt parfait' idea. Since I already had fresh mangoes plucked from my own mango tree, I decided to use them with grapes and almonds in the Parfait. So, Greek yogurt and fruits are really great to kick start the day, from what I feel, I was really full after eating this delice. 

When you can actually make something really fast and then enjoy the delightful taste of it, exquisite.
Why not try a fruity, healthy Yogurt parfait ?
Using Greek yogurt for breakfast has never been that easy, if you have a great taste for yogurt , then you should definitely go for it. I don't add sugar to it but you may do so, or even try honey.

 I'm loving it 


Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Pearl - ♛ The Queen of gems ♛

Pearls have always been the QUEEN of gems and it has been part of so many cultures. 
A lot of people have an addiction to pearl accessories! The western cultures, eastern cultures, everyone - of every age are fond of it. 
Be it traditional, classic or fashion, it fits perfectly. 
Pearls have been the all time favourite for centuries and pearl lovers exist all around the world.

♥ necklace ♥ bracelet ♥ earrings

Saturday, 11 October 2014

Having a treat on a boring day - ever thought of it?

Who said cooking was boring? Oh no, cooking lets you communicate with yourself, so try it. 

Crepes are thin, delicate pancakes that can delight you everytime! It can actually really help you change with your mood.It is for the most tasty, helps you put your mind on something else other than boring routines. And most of all you may enjoy having quality time to yourself. Think about having some good bonding time with a best friend or any close person to you rather than partying with random people.

I love crepes, I've always enjoyed its taste. I remember how fun it was to come back home after school and suddenly my nostrils are filled with its aroma before even seeing mama making the crepes. Good old days. Hey mom, I love you.

Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Bring that smile back to life.

Can you see your happiness fading away in thin air? Want to bring that smile back? Well then, never ever, at any cost, let it disappear anymore again.

You are beautiful when you smile, everybody is beautiful with that smile curve. Let the sun shine bright on you and in your life.

Feeling low and wishing to end the pain you feel right there in your chest? Well, a lot of people deal with those moments in life because they give in to frustration and later on it builds up like one whole big bubble bomb that bursts up when you can't take anything else in. Letting go is the best solution but some people find it rather difficult while some find mourning over things as a medium of making justice to certain matters.

Open your eyes, everything that starts needs an end, you cannot hold on to things that hurt you. Love yourself, if you can feel people around you then let them feel your presence in the same way. Make justice to relationships that gives you happiness, the persons who love you back, make you smile- SMILE back at them and try to make them happy too.

Frustration is self-induced, you can stop it. Don't let it overflow, be sure and right in everything you do, your heart knows it when you've overdone. so you still are on the safe side. Hug yourself if you want to. And remember to smile. The best part is to be happy and carry your heart safely, smilingly.

Monday, 6 October 2014

Ever tried to fix yourself?

Everybody has a time in their lives when they have lost something or someone really dear to them. Some happen inevitably while some have to stop it consciously. 
Relationships and complications work along forever. You always need someone by your side, be it a lover, a friend, your mother or father, your brother, your sister. Bestfriends are soulmates that you'd never think could happen to you.

You might feel empty when they are out of your life but its okay. You can feel sad and later on get over it. Life will always be life, people will always be people but oxygen will always be right through you. So, move that butt and live again, love again. Smile and feel the sun on your face. You will never be always sad, you cannot stay this way, you have to forsake the clouds and smell the blossoms. See, life is for you to live, you cannot just let it go in the paleness and just carry on existing. We have tried to love those who have left us, we are now trying to let go. We need to let go and never cross those roads back again. 

Remember: SMILE
This is your life and you live it your way. When you smile, you may lighten someone else's life and this feeling will always warm hearts forever. Yes, you can change it, you can be a better self, a smiling person! 

Sunday, 5 October 2014

You can adore a person.

Do you ever ask about that person in your life? The one you are willing to do anything for.

You fall in love. Falling in love or rising in love. Whenever you need support, you will try to look at the person who you believe in the most above all. They act as your emotional and psychological support, the only tree that gives you oxygen. You might feel low but only thinking about them strengthens you. Support is something stronger than what people think.

You might feel grief when they couldn't live up to your expectations at times but you know that if they exist, only then you can too. Staying apart you might not find peace or shelter elsewhere, you know you cannot leave them. You call them through your heart, yet they didn't come to you, you might think bad of them. But they are the ones that give you hope. Either you expect too much or they might have been ignorant of your state. You know you will always look up to them, you will wait for them, you will love them, you will cry for them, you will always have a soft corner for them always. Some people come and go while some carve your heart in their own shape.  Feelings always head you toward complications. Soulmate, ever heard of that? Well, that's what they are called.