Sunday, 19 October 2014

Fruit & Nuts Yogurt Parfait

So my day starts with a big yawn and then I'll hurry up to the kitchen and feel all the sunlight from the window while thinking of breakfast ideas and then comes the 'Yogurt parfait' idea. Since I already had fresh mangoes plucked from my own mango tree, I decided to use them with grapes and almonds in the Parfait. So, Greek yogurt and fruits are really great to kick start the day, from what I feel, I was really full after eating this delice. 

When you can actually make something really fast and then enjoy the delightful taste of it, exquisite.
Why not try a fruity, healthy Yogurt parfait ?
Using Greek yogurt for breakfast has never been that easy, if you have a great taste for yogurt , then you should definitely go for it. I don't add sugar to it but you may do so, or even try honey.

 I'm loving it 


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