Thursday, 26 February 2015

I had a dog named Ketchup

So, this is going to be a post about my past pet. It started on January 2003 when I found this golden puppy, all cute and snuggly, kissable, caressable, soft, plump, lovable and all. I loved him instantly. He was a crossbred; A Golden Retriever + a Teckel. He was the cutest thing to happen to my world. I lived in his world and so did he in mine. We had to choose a name and then there was this song Las Ketchup which always excited him. When he would hear it on the radio, he’d come playfully and listen to the song which is the main reason why we thought ‘Ketchup’ was so exciting to name him after. His name remained Ketchup. But lately we lost him, like after 12 beautiful years of him the house feels so empty and gloomy.

Dad always tried to cheer me up and now my family thinks we should get a new dog. Animals are my life. Yesterday, as I was heading back home, I saw the neighbour’s dog and I played with him. He was so so cute like so bubbly and it revived me to the core instantly. You know that home feels home when you need to rush back to cuddle your pet after a hard day of work. I loved my pet and I know I always will love him, like forever. But moving on, a friend said he had pups at home and that we could adopt one. I’m so happy already while we need to wait for some more days as he is still a little baby getting care from the mommy dog. Anyway, I needed a ray of hope. Well, I have one now. Pawfect. Kisses.
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Monday, 9 February 2015

My Hair Mantra

I have been struggling with hair dryness problem ever since I had my hair bleached and as we already know how bad bleaching is for our hair health, well, we all do it anyway. Now onto more important matters, oil is food for your hair & oil treatments are absolute must haves in life. And then I had advice from The Day Book Blog that oils like Argan, Coconut, Morrocan are going to be best friends with my hair

Since then I have been using Beaver Professional Argan Oil for my hair condition, a little bit of it everyday down the tip and its done.


I use the product on damp hair after shampoo, normally its with only one or two pumps, perfect for me. And it specifies that you could use it before colouring your hair too, applied to scalp + (mixed with the colour agents for deeper colour & elasticity), I haven’t tried it though.

I love this hair serum and  it doesn’t even smell bad, I just love the scent and the way my hair feels after using it. I got mine from a store in my region & well you may find it online on here.

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Friday, 6 February 2015

WHATSBLOG | hot new social network |

Hello guys, so there is this ‘hot new social network platform for bloggers to connect to each other and top brands to create a great community of worldwide bloggers.' I’d like to thank Melody Jacobs, through whom I’ve known about the platform.

WHATSBLOG is a totally free network where you can try new products and offer great giveaways to your readers at no cost to you. It actually connects you to veritable shops and you have your own profile set up here, with some simple and user-friendly steps. You can host giveaways through your blog, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or Youtube.

This is how my profile appears at


You would love to join at earliest to have ranks that would make you visible to most, and then you’d achieve more followers. The more followers you have, the higher the rank. I joined today and I’m on 816. Have fun and let me know about your profile in the comments.

Find/follow them here;
 what    fb   twit   insta   pin
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