Sunday, 5 October 2014

You can adore a person.

Do you ever ask about that person in your life? The one you are willing to do anything for.

You fall in love. Falling in love or rising in love. Whenever you need support, you will try to look at the person who you believe in the most above all. They act as your emotional and psychological support, the only tree that gives you oxygen. You might feel low but only thinking about them strengthens you. Support is something stronger than what people think.

You might feel grief when they couldn't live up to your expectations at times but you know that if they exist, only then you can too. Staying apart you might not find peace or shelter elsewhere, you know you cannot leave them. You call them through your heart, yet they didn't come to you, you might think bad of them. But they are the ones that give you hope. Either you expect too much or they might have been ignorant of your state. You know you will always look up to them, you will wait for them, you will love them, you will cry for them, you will always have a soft corner for them always. Some people come and go while some carve your heart in their own shape.  Feelings always head you toward complications. Soulmate, ever heard of that? Well, that's what they are called.

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  1. Lovely how people meet and get to know each other to the limit that the become inseparable!