Saturday, 15 November 2014

The time we became friends!

It's really so weirdly positive how people can change your whole life! Owww this is how literally I met my friends and I always laugh at how we insanely got entwined together in such little time.

We did a chain profile photo thing somewhere in 2014. Around the date we just discovered each other at the University! Somehow through each other, hanging with each other.

Basically this makes me super existed when I meet these little guys in the form of angels, how amazing is that! Happening to meet each other has been the best recent stuff!

We actually fell so much in love with each other in the group, like a love love love group, amazing, enjoying, emotional bunch of lads!

We have had so many forest holidays and they were great!


  1. Your blog is really spechless. I went through your posts but this one was my favourite. Keep writing you've got amazing energy!
    I'm really inspired by your writing and lifestyle. Thanks for sharing!