Tuesday, 11 November 2014

My Lucky Bamboo

Let us all take care of our home and home decor. How do you actually think about your home and do you like bliss and harmonious things around you? Well, I do, these little things make me feel so great and so happy when I turn around and see my little bamboo on my table, it's so sweet to have one. If you feel so too, don't forget to get your's. 

I happened to find mine at Port Louis, Caudan Waterfront. It is relatively worth it. I just love it. You can find it there or any other Feng Shui boutiques.

Well all I had to do was to get them out from the soil and I took the pieces off and put them in different containers filled with water; to decorate & bring more life to my living room.

So let us all try to spread some peace in our homes with wise energy.

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