Monday, 6 October 2014

Ever tried to fix yourself?

Everybody has a time in their lives when they have lost something or someone really dear to them. Some happen inevitably while some have to stop it consciously. 
Relationships and complications work along forever. You always need someone by your side, be it a lover, a friend, your mother or father, your brother, your sister. Bestfriends are soulmates that you'd never think could happen to you.

You might feel empty when they are out of your life but its okay. You can feel sad and later on get over it. Life will always be life, people will always be people but oxygen will always be right through you. So, move that butt and live again, love again. Smile and feel the sun on your face. You will never be always sad, you cannot stay this way, you have to forsake the clouds and smell the blossoms. See, life is for you to live, you cannot just let it go in the paleness and just carry on existing. We have tried to love those who have left us, we are now trying to let go. We need to let go and never cross those roads back again. 

Remember: SMILE
This is your life and you live it your way. When you smile, you may lighten someone else's life and this feeling will always warm hearts forever. Yes, you can change it, you can be a better self, a smiling person!