Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Bring that smile back to life.

Can you see your happiness fading away in thin air? Want to bring that smile back? Well then, never ever, at any cost, let it disappear anymore again.

You are beautiful when you smile, everybody is beautiful with that smile curve. Let the sun shine bright on you and in your life.

Feeling low and wishing to end the pain you feel right there in your chest? Well, a lot of people deal with those moments in life because they give in to frustration and later on it builds up like one whole big bubble bomb that bursts up when you can't take anything else in. Letting go is the best solution but some people find it rather difficult while some find mourning over things as a medium of making justice to certain matters.

Open your eyes, everything that starts needs an end, you cannot hold on to things that hurt you. Love yourself, if you can feel people around you then let them feel your presence in the same way. Make justice to relationships that gives you happiness, the persons who love you back, make you smile- SMILE back at them and try to make them happy too.

Frustration is self-induced, you can stop it. Don't let it overflow, be sure and right in everything you do, your heart knows it when you've overdone. so you still are on the safe side. Hug yourself if you want to. And remember to smile. The best part is to be happy and carry your heart safely, smilingly.

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