Monday, 29 June 2015

Crap! My puppy keeps on growing so fast!

A while ago I lost my twelve year old dog which was totally shattering but good grace we were able to adopt a puppy from a friend which now makes us Labrador parent!

This little guy is named Blue, 'Blue, the lab mix.'


He is the loveliest kid in town, black by color, blue by name, he is my next rainbow; cherished and spoilt brat who ravages the garden when toys bore him. I couldn't agree more to his sweet kisses and hugs, he is adorable and loves to make us jump around along with him.


Being a parent is just so important when you need to care and watch what your kid eats and what are the important nutrients and sports you need to keep track of, likely he has everything under control and lots of veggies in his meals + his fruits. Reminder; ALWAYS KEEP THEM AWAY FROM ONIONS & GARLIC FAMILY! Puppies have very sharp teeth so we always take care that he has all his toys around him. He sleeps a lot, like a sleeping maniac.


If you have a new pup, you would definitely want to take them to the vet- the sooner they have their shots than later, the better.

Don’t forget to keep the fun in. puppies are players, they love to jump around nothing and make pro races, take them to the park or the beach, they will totally love being out there. My baby loves the green grass and adores to play in it; it's like his number one fun thing!


But the only thing is that they grow up super fast, he was just a little bee when he came in a box and now he is such a boy in four months already! He plays and plays and plays and then he is so tired to move his lil ass. I loved him since the first second I set eyes on him, and he is just the fine soul mate I needed!

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Model - Blue, the Lab Mix
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